July 31st, 2009

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Visit to Wilderstead

Deanne and I went out to Wilderstead yesterday evening. We got there just before dusk -- with just daylight enough to cross the creek and show D. the cairn over Cuthbert's grave.

We spent a quiet, restful night in our cabin while the heavens poured buckets on the holler and the lightning flashed. I got up briefly in the night, and the creek was running so loud I thought D. had left the battery-powered fan on in the cabin.

In the morning, all was quiet, green, wet, fresh. And the creek was over the stepping stones. Not only was it a good six or more inches above the previous evening's level, but in seeking a place to cross, I noticed vegetation on the banks flattened by water last night -- another nine inches or more above the current level. That means that the creek gained some fifteen inches in the night and was on the way back down. Wow.

I did eventually manage to cross without getting my feet wet, and took these pictures. (Click on any pic to enlarge.) We came back this afternoon at our leisure.

Swift water Swift water
The Hallows Trail The Hallows Trail
Cairns Cairns
Fuji's (L) and Cuthbert's (R)
Cuthbert's Cairn Cuthbert's Cairn

The token I left on Cuthbert's cairn was a "rock" I made of pottery clay and fired in the oven. It carries the promise I had given to Cuthbert throughout his four years with us.