July 26th, 2009


Adventures in Christian Education

I finished my adult Sunday School class on Apostolicity today. We discussed (among other things) Modernism vs. the Vincentian canon (semper, ubique, et ab omnibus) and my view of the Bible as an Old Book (escaping the gimmicks and trapdoors of liberal and conservative Bilbical criticism and treating it like any other text from antiquity). Previously, we spent two weeks taking apart the whole [Sola] Scriptura vs. Tradition (including Apostolic Succession) dichotomy. It was all well received.

I keep joking that I am trying to find something esoteric enough to get them to quit asking me to teach, but there is a thirst for Real Stuff™ out there. Nobody's ever taught them any Church History, or Biblical criticism, or Theology (beyond slogans). They're amazed by it -- and grateful.

In my last church, I even taught a nine-week course covering the first millennium of Church History -- and people came!