July 25th, 2009


Last time!

On the last day of Scout Camp, my Scoutmaster told me:
"Let's all go home!

Better get it done!
Go take a shower! [wheeze]
What would Mama say?
Don't hang around!
Nights are for sleep!
and Don't blow it all in one place!"
by himself

Saying Good-bye

We are spending this weekend saying good-bye to Cuthbert. He's feeling pretty good today, though he is tired and a bit listless. Even his favorite feather-on-a-string couldn't engage him much. Anyway, it's the day after his subcutaneous water injection. He's as good today as he can be, under the circumstances.

Tomorrow, he will begin to be stiff and sore, as he begins to dehydrate. By Monday, he will be losing weight rapidly again and meowing a lot. We've seen this pattern before in the course of his treatment.

So, given his condition and our schedules, we have set Monday morning for his final visit to the veterinarian (God, how it hurts to type those words). Then, Deanne and I will take him back out to Wilderstead, where he was found, and lay him next to Fuji.

For those of you who are not familiar with the story of Cuthbert's rescue (he was originally to be called "Grace"), the story is here: http://aefenglommung.livejournal.com/87802.html

The gallery of Cuthbert pictures over the years can be found here: http://pics.livejournal.com/aefenglommung/gallery/0000eeqp

I took a few of him and Sassy yesterday (Sassy is all poufy from a bath) and today. The first two, below, were taken yesterday in the back yard. The third, of Cuthbert napping, was taken today.

The Other Side of the Fence The Other Side of the Fence
Sassy and Cuthbert
Cuthbert Cuthbert
Very thin and holding himself stiffly
Catnap Catnap

As I have said before, there are no small loves. Love is like a circle, perfect in every degree, whether it encompasses the world (God's love), another person, or a pet. And yes, I know that people are of greater worth than animals. I know that because the Bible says so. Jesus says so, explicitly. That doesn't mean that the love and care we owe our pets is of no value.

And as for Cuthbert, well, I believe with all my heart that we were given him to care for by the explicit will of God. God have mercy on him, and on us.