July 24th, 2009


penultimate chorus

On the sixth day of Scout Camp, my Scoutmaster told me:
"Better get it done!

Go take a shower! [wheeze]
What would Mama say?
Don't hang around!
Nights are for sleep!
and Don't blow it all in one place!"

Very sad day

Cuthbert is dying. The vet did an ultrasound, and the verdict is that one kidney is completely blocked with a stone from the melamine; the other can't handle the load by itself. All our choices are painful ones.

He's home right now, and we're trying to keep him comfortable. Don't know quite what we'll do next, or how long this can go on. My heart is broken.

I wish I could take him out to Wilderstead for him to enjoy the woods before I have to bury him there.