July 23rd, 2009


ad. lib.

On the fifth day of Scout Camp, my Scoutmaster told me:
"Go take a shower! [wheeze]

What would Mama say?
Don't hang around!
Nights are for sleep!
and Don't blow it all in one place!"
hound of heaven

Prayer request

At the health screening I took at Annual Conference the last week of June, I got some really screwy numbers on some things, a mere six weeks after my annual physical where all was copacetic. So I have an appointment with a specialist in the morning to probe more deeply (ouch!) into things.

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Some of the scary, screwy numbers I think I can explain. I was tested on a Friday following my exhausting climb -- at high altitude -- of Wheeler Peak the previous Sunday. Those could have done a lot of things to certain numbers. But probably not to others -- and there's where I need some better advice. So it's off to another doctor.

Doctors ought to issue collectible trading cards of their practices. My wife and I would have a stack by now.