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The Daily Mustard
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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

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Ho, ho, ho
On the fourth day of Scout Camp, my Scoutmaster told me:
"What would Mama say?

Don't hang around!
Nights are for sleeping!
. . . and don't blow it all in one place."
Cuthbert (our kitty) is very ill. He is very thin, with little appetite. He has very low kidney function and low thryoid. He gets pills for the thyroid. We are nursing him along as best we can, but the vet doesn't know if he'll survive. Our best guess as to what happened was that he got some melamine-contaminated cat food, since his affliction looks like antifreeze poisoning.

Cursed be the Chinese government for exporting poison. Again. Cursed be our leaders for whoring after the Chinese to finance their profligate ways and neglecting their plain duty to protect our country from contaminated products.

Meanwhile, we are praying earnestly for Cuthbert's recovery.

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