June 18th, 2009


Computer hassles

Well, I'm almost finished transferring my bookmarks to my new laptop. I need to wait for that_guy_zach to come over and optimize the thing. Right now, my MS security system is badgering me about everything, so I obviously need to modify or dump that and get something I can live with.

Meanwhile, my old standard box went through a modemic death spasm last night. I've had to jury-rig (with Scotch tape) my network cable plug-in for over a year now, and it finally decided Lo, it shall wash no more. Which wouldn't be the end of the world, except there are things on this old box that I can't get to, or get off, without a functioning network cable.

So, I went upstairs and cannibalized collinsmom's old computer for a modem and got this thing running right again. If she wants the modem back, I'll strip this thing clean and reinstall the hardware on her machine; for now, though, all is right with my virtual world.
wayside cross

Prayer request

My cousin Barbara (USMC, ret.) is entering her last days. We thought she wouldn't make it to Christmas, but she persevered. I went to see her, and she was thin and tired but still perking along. Nevertheless, the end approaches; may it also be a new beginning for her in heaven.