June 10th, 2009

camp cook

VBS, continued

I am officially tired of peach cobbler.

Our VBS follows a western ranch sort of theme. I've been playing the part of the camp cook. So, every night I've had my little buckaroos assist me in making a peach cobbler in a Dutch oven. Tonight was the best yet, but it makes no difference: peach cobbler four nights in a row begins to pall. Luckily, tomorrow night we're cooking hot dogs and so forth, and I won't have to play my part.

I've also been dealing with some sort of summer crud. I came back from my Hannibal trip dead tired and launched directly into VBS. Yesterday morning, I woke up with a sore throat. I nursed myself through the day and managed to feel reasonably OK by the evening -- OK enough to do my VBS schtick, then crash. Today, I felt better, though still very washed out. VBS has done me in tonight. I hope I get over this soon. I'm supposed to climb a mountain in New Mexico a week from Sunday.