May 26th, 2009


Patented Pastoral Profundity of the day

It is perfectly possible to produce a square watermelon. All you have to do is grow it in a box. The melon will expand to fill the space available. But this is not natural to watermelons.

The problem with Systematic Theology is that it produces square watermelons. It crams the Bible into a box and emphasizes some things, depresses other things, in order to fulfill the gardener's design for the watermelon -- rather than God's.
storming the castle

Oyez, oyez

Judge Sotomayor is dreadful, but what did you expect? This is why we have elections.

The Republicans can't stop her confirmation, but they shouldn't let her slide. I don't mean that they should savage her the way Democrats do their ideological opponents, but they have to reveal who she is. This is the way you tee up future elections, by showing the consequences of electing -- for silly, feel-good reasons -- Nanny State minders like Obama.