April 26th, 2009

saxon cross

Caedmon's Hymn

Nu sculon herigean         heofonrices weard,
meotodes meahte         and his modgeþanc,
weorc wuldorfæder,         swa he wundra gehwæs,
ece drihten,         or onstealde.
He ærest sceop         eorðan bearnum
heofon to hrofe,         halig scyppend;
þa middangeard         moncynnes weard,
ece drihten,         æfter teode
firum foldan,         frea ælmihtig.

Modern translation:

Now let me praise the keeper of Heaven's kingdom,
the might of the Creator, and his thought,
the work of the Father of glory, how each of wonders
the Eternal Lord established in the beginning.
He first created for the sons of men
Heaven as a roof, the holy Creator,
then Middle-earth the keeper of mankind,
the Eternal Lord, afterwards made,
the earth for men, the Almighty Lord.

speed limit

My, you've been busy since I saw you last.

Just for grins, I googled images of "Sardior," and found this accompanying a D&D article on the Church of Sardior. Didn't know he had one. He hadn't, last I was in contact with him, and I don't see him as much of a religious figure, anyway. He was always more of a raconteur, a haunter of that great, exclusive leather-upholstered club, a frequenter of the corner table at that little bistro only the truly in-the-know ever seem to eat at. He would have thought running a religion, well, a bit pedestrian -- rather like selling newspapers at a kiosk by the train station.

The color's wrong, too. Sardior is the Ruby Dragon. *sniff* Maybe he has Emerald Dragons on his staff. But, who am I to say what Sardior is like today? I'm only the guy what invented him, thirty years ago.

Sardior and Companion Psi Cohort of the Church of Sardior

EDIT: Seeing this guy in his green stole makes me think I could design a new kind of dragon: Liturgical Dragons! In all the cool, liturgical colors: purple (alternatively, blue); white (or gold); red; green. Half of all dragons would be green -- and boring. Whaddya think?