April 9th, 2009

saxon cross

Maundy Thursday

Bede's Death Song
West Saxon Version

For þam nedfere     næni wyrþeþ
þances snotera,     þonne him þearf sy
to gehicgenne     ær his heonengange
hwæt his gaste     godes oþþe yfeles
æfter deaþe heonon     demed weorþe.

[Before that needful journey which none may avoid no man becomes more wise in thought than him who, in need, considers, before his going away, about how his soul, its good and evil, will be judged after the death day.]

And so it goes

The Tenebrae went well. I enjoy these special services where other people speak, even when it's just readings. It's a way in which I get to hear the gospel (as opposed to delivering it). I need that.

Tomorrow, I've got to resist the urge to piddle on church stuff, and beyond checking in at the office, get after taxes in a serious way. Then Saturday comes tromping in, all full of stuff and urgency. Finally, Easter Day arrives. Here's hoping for a morning of joy and an afternoon of napping.