January 26th, 2009

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Those were the days

Back in the day when I was doing a lot of writing for Dragon Magazine, I never kept track of all my published mss. Well, recently I discovered DragonDex online, which has the entire corpus of Dragon indexed, all the way through its last paper issue in September '07.

I was pleased to see my name there, along with all the pieces I had published. For those interested in reliving the Good Old Days, here they are. The numbers after the titles are issue numbers (with page numbers, I presume, in parentheses).
"And Now, the Psionicist" 78(26)
"Arcane Lore" 127(62)
"Auld Alliance, The" 216(70)
"Boulder-Throwers and Humanoid Hordes" 141(34)
"Cantrips For Clerics" 108(28)
"Deryni, The" 78(34)
"Duelist, The" 73(6)
"Fantasy Philology" 66(50)
"Great Stoney" 86(41)
"Heroes & Villains of the Deryni" 78(38)
"How Taxes Take Their Toll" 95(18)
"Inventing the 'Instant' Adventure" 175(10)
"Making of a Milieu, The" 93(12)
"Natural Order, The" 122(32)
"Psionics Is Different" 78(7)
"Reflections Of a Real-Life Cleric" 41(6)
"Strongholds Three" 145(22)
"That's Not In the Monster Manual!" 37(6)
"Thrills and Chills: Ice Age Adventures" 68(18)
"What Not To Include" 178(32)
"When It Gets Hit, It Gets Hurt" 73(34)

Several of these articles have also appeared in various Best of Dragon anthologies.
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General update

It's snowing here. Everything is muffled in a nice, thick blanket of snow. Really lovely.

I went to a meeting in Seymour this evening, where I thought I would take part in starting the process of planning our 100th Anniversary Council camporee. It was a total bore; my presence there was not required in any real way. I could have gotten something better out of this evening. Oh, well. We don't know these things when we agree to participate.

collinsmom has a colonoscopy tomorrow. She's been staying close to the bathroom today. As I was leaving this evening, I told here cheerily, "Hope everything comes out all right!" Yep. Mr. Encouraging, that's me.

Friday and Saturday was the Winter Rendezvous out at camp. We had nine Scouts and three leaders. I slept out in a tent Friday night. It was nice. The event was well done. I entered the cookoff with my Chocolate Chip Vinegar Tarts, which were very well received. Our Troop won the Klondike Derby!