January 19th, 2009


Football trivia

The NFL teams names/mascots fall into mainly three categories.

Sixteen teams are named after persons or groups of people.
Three of these peoples are seaborne outlaws: Vikings; Buccaneers; Raiders. Three are named after particular jobs: Cowboys; Packers; Steelers. Two are named after American Indians: Redskins; Chiefs. Two are monsters from mythology: Titans; Giants. Two are named after individuals: Browns (after Paul Brown); Bills (after Buffalo Bill Cody, by way of a famous barbershop quartet?). The others are in no particular sub-category: Texans; Saints; Patriots; 49ers.

Nine teams are named after mammals.
Four of these are felines: Bengals; Lions; Panthers; Jaguars. Two are equines: Colts; Broncos. Three are in no particular sub-category: Bears; Dolphins; Rams.

No less than five NFL teams are named after birds.
The five birds are: Ravens; Falcons; Eagles; Cardinals; Seahawks.

So most NFL teams are named after living things, most of them aggressive. The five bird teams form an interesting cluster of names, particularly since three of the four finalists for the Championship this year were birds.

One minor category remains.
Two teams have names derived from science/technology: Jets; Chargers.


I left before daylight this morning (6:40 a.m.) for Lexington, Kentucky. Met Greg from West Virginia there for lunch. We talked church and scouting -- and especially, Philmont -- for three and a half hours. Then I drove home, passing collinsmom on US 150 on her way to Razzberry for the week. Got home at dusk -- just in time to change into my uniform, eat a bite, then go to our Troop meeting, where I gave a presentation on dressing warm and sleeping warm while winter camping.

Anyway, this whole UM Philmont Trek thing is coming together nicely. Greg and I are on the same page. I'm glad to be leading this deal with him, and I think he feels the same way. We can believe in each other. Both of us are elders of some experience; both of us have led multiple Philmont treks, been Jamboree chaplains, currently hold office in UM scouting ministry. We've been around, as they say. All this bodes well for the youth who are going to come make this pilgrimage next year.