January 18th, 2009


Great weekend

Confirmation retreat went very well. Great kids.

Church was great this morning, too. And after worship, those who made it down early to the fellowship time were especially pleased (as they always are after one of our retreats) to attack the leftovers: sausage balls and home-made pecan-caramel rolls in this case.

Thank you, God, for this afternoon's nap. And other comforts of home.

And Yay! for the Arizona Cardinals, this year's Cinderella team. Here's hoping they bring home the Big One!

Tomorrow, I head for Lexington to confer face-to-face with another NAUMS Director to set up how we're doing our UM Philmont Trek in 2010.
junior woodchuck guidebook

My mind just works that way

Last night, as the day's retreat activities wound their way to a close, I found myself with some quiet time in the church fellowship hall. I took up the Tumbling Tower blocks and began to absent-mindedly build something. Soon, though, I found myself putting this baby together. Sort of patterned after Stonehenge, I guess.

My mind just runs along these obscure tracks. The boys at the retreat were discussing horror movies of the gore-fest variety, and Matthew turned to me to ask, "Who are your favorite mass murderers?" To which I replied, "Genghis Khan and Tamerlane," without missing a beat.

Well, I had to say something.