December 29th, 2008

xmas cats

Holiday update

We had a busy weekend.

Saturday saw us over at collinsmom's sister's house for a family get-together. It was shirt-sleeve weather, and brother-in-law Mike was grilling outdoors. After D. and I got home, the heavens opened up in a torrential downpour, stranding siege for a while before he could pootle his scooter home.

Sunday, D's oldest brother (Dan) and youngest sister (Dorothy) came to church. Dan is a deacon in The Episcopal Church, looking for a way out of the shipwreck that is TEC. He and his wife, Gayle, are up visiting from Venice, Florry-day.

After worship, Sunday School was dismissed so that young and old could do their White Elephant Exchange (also called "Dirty Santa"). I wound up with a bit of holy bric-a-brac (ceramic angel) and some chocolates. There was quite a competition among the three Junior High boys over who would finally wind up with the PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals) t-shirt I put in the pot.

Following Sunday School, ða wif and I began frantically preparing for our Open House at 2:00. We laid out a holiday spread of chocolate Santa Bear cookies, Pfeffernüsse, salami and cheese with crackers, toasted pumpkin seeds, chocolate chip cookies, sliced apples and fruit dip, coffee and hot cider. I brought out D's wedding dress, which she sewed herself, as well as our album of photos. Everybody admired the dress and laughed at the photos. I had hair back then, and a lot of it.

Lots of current and several former parishioners came over, plus some family, and (of course) Phred, an old seminary buddy. When the Open House was over at 4:00, I took a big ol' brisket out of the oven, we made Guy Fieri's Mean Green casserole, and more goodies hit the table. The remaining throng of family (and Phred) ate and talked for a good, long time. It was wonderful.

Sassy was exhausted when it was all over. Peopled out. As for Cuthbert, the picture below was taken by D. just before Christmas.

No Peeking! No Peeking!