December 25th, 2008

rose window

Christ is born. Alleluia.

Well, the Christmas Eve service is over and done. It was utterly magnificent. We had over eighty people there. I think a bunch of folks from other churches that weren't having a Christmas Eve service (for one reason or another) must have come. There were teenagers and college kids and people from out of town. There were members I haven't seen in ages.

There was scripture and candles and singing (wonderful singing). Enough other people led and read and sang that I didn't have to feel "on" most of the time. It was like I got to attend the service as well as preside over it. And there was communion.

Just got collinsmom's gift wrapped. Don't know what she'll make of it, but if she has eyes to see, it may be a very cool thing. Time to go to bed now, I think.