December 8th, 2008


Christmas potpourri

It was really hard to get up and get going yesterday, but the Lord gave me the strength necessary. After worship and Sunday School, I came back to the house to change clothes. I got halfway there -- clothes off -- and then dropped onto the bed to take a nap. An hour later or so, I was up and going forward under 1/4 impulse power only.

There was a piano recital at the church at 2:00, and several of my parishioners were in it, so I went to see them perform. Then it was back home for final prep and house cleaning. collinsmom and I were out the door by 4:20 for the first course: Appetizers at the Witts'. This was followed by Soup and Salad and the Brays', by the Main Course at Darby's (just across the street), and finally by Dessert here.

We served hot cider and coffee. Gingerbread cookies and currant drops were there to nibble while I got down to business on Le Showstopper. The currant drops are unique to us: I invented the recipe years ago. At that time, siege was allergic to all kinds of processed foods, so the cookie is a whole wheat and honey affair (no white flour or white sugar), with currants, slivered almonds, and spices. I originally called them "Anna's Plop Cookies," since our then eight-year-old daughter, stryck, helped me make them up the first time.

I really need to come up with a name for this colossal dessert. "Winter Cabin" comes to mind. It was very well received.

After everyone left, I slept ten and a half hours last night. I feel almost human this morning.

In other news, my friend Beth Ann (aka "Piffany"), is moving to Bedford First UMC on Jan. 15. This is a surprise all around. It's a monstrous promotion of course, but it means that she's got to deal with her house in Evansville. UM Temple paid a housing allowance, so when she moved there a couple of years ago, she had to go out on a limb and get one of the last go-go mortgages before the market began to contract. Now, she's got a house on her hands she doesn't need, just at the wrong time. Still, it'll be good to have her around. Phred called this morning to say that he won't be moving to the Cal-Pac AC, after all. Once Beth Ann gets up here, we'll all have to get together and party ever so sedately.

Well, gotta go finish the Charge Conference bureaucracy. That'll be over after tonight, Praise the Lord!