November 30th, 2008


Ready or not, Christmas, here we come

Well, we stumbled into Advent this morning. It was a good day in church. There were some people I missed seeing, and it grieved me. But there were a fair number of people whose presence gave me a pleasant surprise, and that was nice. Particularly, we had lots and lots of kids today -- and that's always good.

Still, my confirmation class is struggling. Maybe it was Thanksgiving break or something, but I started out with 8 and I was down to 1 today. I guess I'm going to have to go looking for my lost sheep. Maybe I can bring some of them back into the fold.

Hey, sheep! You got the wrong idea! We don't want you hear just to make us feel big and successful. We really, really want you. You matter to us. And you matter to God.

Meanwhile, on other fronts, I have three different meetings at the same time tomorrow night. Maybe I can get a sub for one, leave the other early, and still get to the third before it's over. Oy, veh.