November 27th, 2008

xmas cats

A Ghost of Christmas Past

We got out the Christmas tree today and I decorated it. That's been my job since childhood. I was the most intensely interested of us three siblings. Also, as the youngest, I continued to do the Christmassy things after my older sisters moved out. Once D. and I got married, I just naturally took over most of the labor of putting the tree up and decorating it.

Trimming the tree was a melancholy affair this year, I'm afraid. Doesn't seem to be much reason beyond "we always do it." My Aunt Clarice called this evening. She didn't do much today, either. She was remembering times past when we would all get together. I thought about those times, too. Where are the snows of yesteryear? asked Francois Villon, but he had no answer.

The tree looks nice. Here's hoping that Cuthbert's outgrown his desire to climb it.

Happy Thanksgiving from Babylon 5

Susan Ivanova: Always finding good in every situation, Captain?
Captain John Sheridan: Absolutely. If I didn't, I might end up like you.
Susan Ivanova: Hey, what's that supposed to mean? Did anybody else hear that?