November 17th, 2008

cook with fire

Just to be clear on this

Boston Cream Pie is not a pie, but a kind of cake.
Cheesecake is not a cake, but a kind of pie.
Persimmon Pudding* is magnificent, but it is not pudding.

That is all.

*as we make it in Indiana
camp cook

She's only human, after all

I finally got around to cutting, cleaning, and cooking the two humongous pumpkins I had left over. Zach helped me. At the end, I had 16 little freezer bags, each with 1.5 cups cooked pumpkin. (I never use canned pumpkin, BTW.)

And who got the scraps? Sassafras, that's who. My Pink Puppy Princess turns out to like pumpkin. Who'd'a thunk it? Must be part Pumpkin Terrier or something.