November 3rd, 2008

junior woodchuck guidebook

A word to start the day

As I awoke fully this morning, the word indicopleustes was on my mind. I thought it was some kind of prehistoric fish; it turned out to be an ancient geographer. But I knew I hadn't made up the name.

Thank you, no

I was in Sahara Mart last week, where they are advertising Kopi Luwak from Indonesia -- supposedly, the most expensive, to-die-for coffee on the planet. That's because the coffee cherries it's made from have passed through the bowels of a local civet cat (the luwak) before being dried and made into java.

I remarked to the cashier that the Australians called it "cat-poo coffee." She had never heard that before. Oh, come on. What else could you call it?

Tomorrow = TEOCAWKI

The wreckers of civilization are at the gate! No, not the barbarians -- they at least gave us something heroic to sing about in return for all their pillaging. No, it's The One and his Zombiecrat followers. As pillage goes, they make the Vikings look like wimps.

So get out and VOTE!

þisses middangeardes ende neah is.
-- preaching text from a Blickling Homily