November 1st, 2008


Autumn Pix

It's been gawgeous weather around here. collinsmom and I took Sassafras to the Park yesterday for a treat. She was worn out (as were we) but very, very happy. Sassy goes so well with the trees: she's got Fall Color, too.

My girls My girls
Sassy and Deanne at McCormick's Creek State Park 10/31/08
Fall Color Fall Color
Canyon rim at McCormick's Creek, 10/31/08

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round tuit

Very long, good day

I got up early and drove over to Wilderstead today. Laid right into the work, and got the new vinyl skirting around the base of the cabin done. Then, feeling frisky as I was and the day being warm and lovely, I unlimbered my chain saw and cleared the storm wreckage up around the treasure chest. Spent forty minutes whacking and stacking, and it was all done. The cabin maintenance (or at least my part of it) is done for this year. (Still would like to get the gate painted, and D. has a couple of small electrical jobs to finish, but, let's not get picky here.) Mucho time for enjoyment and rest has now been opened up.

After leaving the holler, I cruised on up to the northside of Cincy and dropped in on Jungle Jim's. Bought some bangers and black pudding, as well as some goodies from the Orkneys. I also bought some things for the Scout auction: Mother Pucker's Liquid Lava hot sauce; some Tabasco candies; a PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals) t-shirt. I got another, larger PETA shirt for the church White Elephant exchange.

Got home, spent some time on-line with my NAUMS board meeting, readied my stuff for confirmation class in the morning, made a wonderful trifle for the dessert contest tomorrow night. I'm bushed. Time to go to bed.