October 21st, 2008

junior woodchuck guidebook

Dear LJ Fairy:

My printer (an Epson C62) decided to go wacky on me this summer. After I returned from GB, it wouldn't print right. Text was faint, and there were blank horizontal streaks throughout the page, chopping letters off. I figured my black inkjet was clogged or something, but no amount of head-cleaning or re-charging would fix the problem.

Then, I noticed that I could print text in color just fine. So I figured that the problem was just in the black inkjet.

But . . . I can print graphics perfectly -- in black. Even letters that are part of the graphic come out OK.

So, I could just junk the printer, but I'm wondering -- is the problem in my printer, or in my computer(s), that plain text isn't encoding correctly to print?

I'm flummoxed.

The latest upgrade comes to Babylon 5

Cmdr. Susan Ivanova: God, I hate this part. I'm always afraid I've broken something.
Michael Garibaldi: It'll be fine. I've done this before.
[the computer restarts]
Michael Garibaldi: Ah, Told ya. Computer.
Michael Garibaldi: Computer?
Sparky the Computer: Hey, what do you want?
Michael Garibaldi: Run diagnostics.
Sparky the Computer: What, you got a broken arm or something? I got a station to run here!
Cmdr. Susan Ivanova: Computer.
Sparky the Computer: I know, do a diagnostic. So, maybe Level 42 doesn't get its quota of oxygen today because I'm distracted, but if it makes you happy!
Michael Garibaldi: Stop!
Cmdr. Susan Ivanova: Garibaldi?
Michael Garibaldi: I just remembered, they tried to install Artificial Intelligence subroutines when the station went operational. They shut it down right away because it didn't work right. Must have come back on-line when the system re-booted.
Cmdr. Susan Ivanova: Great! How do we shut it down?
Sparky the Computer: I heard that! Are you two easily offended, or what?
cook with fire

Just desserts

I was going to bake a couple of pumpkin pies this evening, and toward that end placed two packages of frozen pumpkin in the fridge to thaw. When I got back from my out of town meeting, however, I still had two big orange ice cubes. So scratch that. They'll have to wait until morning.

On other fronts, I've been trying to come up with a new showstopper Christmas dessert. I think I'm on to something.
1. Bake two sides and two ends of a large gingerbread house; cool and decorate.
2. Assemble a three-layer cake in the shape of a house:
Bottom layer = pound cake;
Middle layer = ice cream;
Top layer = trifle, composed of angel food cubes, berries, and something whipped for a binder (probably a cream cheese and marshmallow fluff something) -- the whole triangular in form, like a roof.

3. Cover assembled cake with meringue and brown in a hot oven -- in effect, making a complicated sort of Baked Alaska
4. As soon as the cake emerges from the oven, slap the gingerbread sides on the house. The whole should look like a winter cabin with meringue snow on the roof.

Howzat sound?