October 9th, 2008

speed limit

Habari za asabuhi?

Tomorrow, I have to get up at Bloody Awful and head for Nashville, TN. I'm having lunch there with my friend Umba Kalangwa, District Superintendent of Morogoro, Tanzania, and his wife Ngoy. After lunch, I'm going to show them some of the United Methodist sites in Nashville. After visiting with Umba and Ngoy, I have a UM Men's meeting at 4:00 p.m., which resumes Saturday and runs till the afternoon some time. Then I drive home.

Sunday will be extremely busy, with worship, Sunday school, youth meeting (trying to get the Big Trip for later this month back on track), Stewardship planning dinner with Special Guest and Church Council meeting thereafter. (Makes me tired just to type all that.)

Monday I have to drive up to Indy in the dark and spend all morning on planes to reach Dallas. Mess about schmoozing people at the BSA do Monday afternoon. Tuesday is the National Religious Relationships meeting. After that, I spend all Tuesday evening until past midnight flying/driving home.

I am stressed out like you cannot believe, and I will be pushing myself physically as well. Meanwhile, Sassafras has been sick today, and we are worried for her. Prayers for us all would be appreciated.