October 6th, 2008


"Thuh perceedin's begun to commence."

Reminder to friends interested in a night of feasting, carousing, and card-playing in the woods:

I will next be out at Wilderstead on Friday, October 17, for an overnight stay. I'll be there by Friday mid-afternoon, since I've got some chores that need doing.

We're planning on whomping up some camp chow and spending the evening in a dissipated fashion. Looking at a 5-7 p.m. start time? that_guy_zach says he's up for this, as does our buddy Phred (and maybe even Curt, who's not nearly as ossified as he claims to be). I've mentioned it to Fräulein Führerin and she might come all the way down from Moo U. If she does, then collinsmom says she will also attend, in order to preserve the proprieties (such as they are).

People attending are welcome to spend the night. We'll do breakfast in the morning. Maybe lunch if people are in a leisurely mood. The cabin can accommodate eight to ten for dinner and sleeps eight comfortably.

If you can come, contact me on what you can bring to the feast.
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Way Down Yonder in the Pawpaw Patch

It has been an absolutely bumper year for fruit-bearing trees. The peaches, apples, and persimmons are so heavy on the branches that the branches are in danger of breaking before the fruit is fully ripe.

Meanwhile, there are so many pawpaws out at Wilderstead that, for once, the deer can't eat them all. And what is a pawpaw, you ask? Well, it's a semi-squishy kind of fruit that turns yellow-green when ripe. The inside is of a pudding-like consistency, and tastes rather banana-ish. In fact, it's called "Indiana Banana" by those in the know.

People eat them raw, but they also (and this I did not know) make ice cream out of them! Deanne picked some today out on the hillside above our treasure chest, and as they ripen, we are looking forward to trying pawpaw ice cream.

Pawpaw trees are not very big. You've probably walked right by them without noticing them. D. snapped this photo of a nice pawpaw on the twig, almost ready to eat.

The Indiana Banana