September 30th, 2008


We're on the upward trail!

I called the office of Bishop Gettelfinger today, the Catholic bishop of Evansville. He's on the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, and he led his first St. George Trek at Philmont at the age of 63. Now 71, he says he's not carrying a pack and actually hiking anymore, but he will be back at Philmont as a chaplain next year. Groovy.

Anyway, he called me back this evening and we chatted about whom you have to talk to to make the connections for a first-ever United Methodist Trek at Philmont. We're hoping for 2010, but who knows? We also chatted about how the St. George Trek is structured, and it sounds really groovy. If we can make the reservation, I know we can do some awesome stuff.

Greg G., a UM Elder from West Virginia, has done several Philmont treks as well as Jamboree chaplaincy. He was sniffing around the same idea at the time I was elected President of NAUMS and began sniffing around the idea from the other end. We may wind up leading different crews for the same experience. That would be groovy, too.

Preach it, brother

I loathe populism. But if there ever has been a moment when reasonable men's hands itch for the pitchfork, this must surely be it. No one is blameless. No one is pure. Two decades of crapulence by the political class has been prologue to the era of coprophagy that is now upon us. It is crap sandwiches for as far as the eye can see.
-- Jonah Goldberg