September 9th, 2008


I didn't know that

I'm reading William Tecumseh Sherman's Memoirs. It's fascinating reading, even in the early chapters.

Sherman was posted to California during the Mexican War. He spent four years there. Gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill during that time, and he was intimately involved in and observed all the upheaval that came to California, up until his departure in early 1850.

Can you bear it?

I went into our Boy Scout Council office/store yesterday, and what did my wondering eyes behold, but little stuffed critters with Hoosier Trails Council neckerchiefs: black bears, brown bears, eagles, wolves. So of course, I brought one home to live in my menagerie, amidst a plethora of plush ursines.

Buddy Buddy
Bear Scout (note the neckerchief)