August 29th, 2008

wile e.

Pooped but pleased

I got out of here around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday and headed for the holler. Made a fine pile of sawdust, saw significant progress made on paneling the upper end wall, for which I borrowed the church's 14' aluminum stepladder.

Thursday saw that job finished. I went into Cincy to run errands, including buying some more lauan to continue with the cabin; however, when I got back, my generator wouldn't start. I figured I'd probably flooded it or something, so I put it away and went to Crustview Hills to meet that_guy_zach at The Pub.

Got up this morning and tried starting the generator to finish the job up to my limit of panels, but the thing wouldn't start again. So I cleaned up all my jobs, put everything away, and headed for home.

I really enjoyed being free and busy in the woods. Everything was great. But now, I've got to see if I can find a small engines place in the morning that can get my generator going again. It's always something, you know?

If all goes well, collinsmom and I are going back out to Wilderstead Monday and staying overnight. I'll work on the paneling job, and she'll be wiring fixtures.
junior woodchuck guidebook

Anybody know this?

I was reading a blogpost today that said that only four US Presidents have served in a federal office after leaving the Presidency. I'm confused. Is the guy counting John Tyler?

John Quincy Adams served in the US House of Representatives after his Presidency. Andrew Johnson was elected to the US Senate after his Presidency. William Howard Taft was Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court after his Presidency. But those are the only post-presidential federal tenures among US Presidents I can think of.

Tyler served in the Confederate Congress after his Presidency. Can this be what the guy was referring to, or am I missing somebody?