August 21st, 2008


Good Visit

I got word yesterday that my cousin Robert was visiting his family in Columbus, so I drove over there, having various adventures along the way (including locking my keys in the car).

I haven't seen Robert in something like thirty years. We are only a few months apart in age. We used to be very close. But we chose different paths. Robert was sinking into a very reckless kind of life back in the late sixties when he found religion; specifically, he got involved with the Hare Krishna folks. I found religion, too. And I'm glad he found something better than what he was into before; I just wish he had found Jesus instead of Krishna.

Anyway, Robert lives in a monastery in California. We exchange Christmas cards, and that's about it. So a chance to see him again was important. I found him to be much more at peace with himself and the world than I remembered him to be. He laughs a lot.

We both commented on how exercise doesn't seem to keep the pounds off at our age. Robert doesn't drive; he rides a bicycle everywhere. He thinks nothing of biking into San Jose (forty miles from his home). Meanwhile, I'm the hiker/backpacker type. And we're both overweight.

Robert was at his sister's house. I posted recently about my cousin Barbara and my Aunt Clarice. Barbara's dog, Mac, is a Jack Russell-Shih Tzu mix. Very hyperactive. Pictures of Mac and Robert are below.

Mac Mac
Barbara's dog
Robert Robert

speed limit

Off to the see the wizard

I'm getting ready to head on down the road to Nashville. Got two days' worth of meetings there tomorrow and Saturday. Most of it is Orientation and other bullroar connected with being a Director of the General Commission on United Methodist Men. Saturday afternoon, the Scouting Ministries Committee will meet to set quadrennial goals, and that's the piece I'm particularly interested in. I have several things I'm pursuing on behalf of NAUMS:
developing a United Methodist trek at Philmont Scout Ranch;

creating a new religious award for adults in UM Scouting Ministries (a program of leadership development and discipleship, not a recognition for past service);

trying to figure out how to update and re-publish My Lord Knows the Way Through the Wilderness, the worshipbook we published here in 2002 -- and offer it online at the NAUMS website.

Once this is over, then I'll be drawing up an agenda for our Fall on-line NAUMS meeting.

Well, gotta go.