August 14th, 2008

round tuit

Crossing things off my list

Got the car fixed cheap today. I had burned a vacuum hose through on the hot manifold. This is the second one this month. The old hoses are wearing out after eleven years and 310,000+ miles. Oh, well.

Went swimming briefly. With all the kids back in school, I had the pool to myself.

Made an appointment for Sassy to get a bath at the groomer's Friday morning. Got to get her prescriptions refilled, too.

Got some important calls to make tomorrow, and a big meeting tomorrow night. If I've got my office work done by Friday, then I can go and play. I'm hoping to go over to Wilderstead Friday night. Maybe go to Cincy either Friday or Saturday.
speed limit

Worth considering

"Once upon a time, unicorns were exremely scarce.

"So elusive were they that there was only one way to catch a unicorn . . . Well, in fact there were two.

". . . When it came to the white unicorn, however, only one method stood any chance of success. It required a maiden of unspotted virtue, and six foot of stout hemp rope. The rope was usually no problem.

". . .As time passed, however, times also changed; and although unicorns are by no means common, there are other species rarer and more elusive still. Thus there is only one sure-fire way of catching a maiden of unspotted virtue. It requires a unicorn and six feet of rope."
-- Tom Holt, Grailblazers