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The Daily Mustard
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Friday, July 25th, 2008

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Felis fotogenicus
Cuthbert likes to go out in the morning and skulk in the peonies by the fence where he can observe all that passes and remain unseen. Besides, it's shady in there. Well, I went out to fetch him today and saw him peering out from behind the foliage. I tried to get a picture of him so doing, but he emerged for a better closeup.

You can see why they call it a "pride" of lions, huh.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle In the jungle, the mighty jungle

Boomer humor
I was standing in line at the grocery checkout this afternoon. The guy in front of me was about my age. The cashier was a thirty-ish young man. The conversation went like this:

Cashier (to Other Guy): That'll be twenty-five sixty-four.
Me (to no one in particular): Does anybody really know what time it is?
Cashier: Huh?
Me (turning to Other Guy, indicating Cashier): Wrong Generation.
Other Guy (receiving change): Does anybody really care?

We both smiled and left the cashier utterly bewildered.
Oscar Winners
via prester_scott:

Below is a list of all the films nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award since 1944 (with the winning picture at the top of the list for each year, with the exception of 2006). Bold the ones you've seen.
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