July 8th, 2008


Moving right along

Category V: Structures

Thank you all so much for the input you've been giving me on these pictures. Please indicate if you find any of these intriguing.

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Take me back Take me back
On the road to Whitehall, IN
I'm leaning in that direction I'm leaning in that direction
It takes barns a long time to fall down.
Hensley Settlement, Cumberland Gap, 2003 Hensley Settlement, Cumberland Gap, 2003
Lost Bridge, Laughery Creek Lost Bridge, Laughery Creek
Kirk Hammerton Kirk Hammerton
The aisle and tower on the left is Saxon stonework from c. 950
Clifford's Tower Clifford's Tower
Bridge over the Devil's Water Bridge over the Devil's Water
Dilston Scout Camp
Ruins of Lindisfarne Priory Ruins of Lindisfarne Priory
Holy Island
Thundermug Thundermug
French Henry, Philmont
Stone Circle Stone Circle
Santa? Maybe there's something to his alleged druidic roots, after all.


busy, busy

I drove up to the Chicago burbs yesterday to drop in on my friend Mwenge's reception. Mwenge is the Official Number Two at Joy in the Harvest, a United Methodist mission in Kigoma, Tanzania. This was his first trip to the US.

Also there were my young friend Luke, who just graduated from college -- and his girlfriend, Kara. She does exist! that_guy_zach had told me of her existence, and I faithfully believed him, but hitherto, Luke has kept his relationship with her a State secret. Well, it's out in the open now.

Luke and Zach are going to be sharing an apartment in Over The Rhine (one of Cincinnati's more -- ah -- colorful neighborhoods. Which is conveniently located near Kara in Norwood. (Observe Luke's devious mind in action here.)

When that_guy_zach returns from Istanbul, there's a possibility of having a quiet little welcome home party at Wilderstead with him, Luke and Kara, and anyone else we can round up to stir the fire and be sedately dissolute (Fräulein Führerin comes to mind.)

* * *

In other news, my son -- the other Zach (siege) -- remains in the hospital, probably for another few days. His doctor is trying out some new drugs, and wants to see how he reacts to them. collinsmom says he was pretty drowsy when she visited last night. I'll go see him today, now that I'm back.

Just a thought

Many of my church friends use the terms "conservative" and "evangelical" as nearly synonymous. They are not.

"Evangelical" denotes a particular approach to the gospel, and an identification with other Christians who have a similar approach, even if they belong to groups they otherwise disagree with.

"Conservative" denotes a particular approach to change. Conservatives appreciate the past, and want to be careful how they change things they have received from the past. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is a conservative statement.

There are liberal Evangelicals and conservative Evangelicals. There are evangelical Conservatives and there are institutional Conservatives. An obvious example of how these are overlapping, but not synonymous, categories is the vote in the Church of England Synod over women bishops. Some Evangelicals are okay with that, some not. Those who oppose it are (at least in this instance) Conservatives, but some are so for theological reasons and some (probably) for just a general queasiness with so radical a change.

Now, I am, by most accounts, both evangelical and conservative, but I prefer the term "Orthodox" (with a small o) when identifying my ecclesial position. That's because there are times when I am very conscious of standing outside the evangelical sub-culture, and other times when I feel that "conservative" is too bound up with a particular time and social construct.

Antepenultimate badgering for input

Category VI: People

People make pictures more interesting, but candid shots of people you don't know aren't terribly suitable for hanging. That said, here are some of my best people shots. Please let me know which you think "suitable for framing."

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Alpine Meadow, Baldy Mountain Alpine Meadow, Baldy Mountain
Explorer Post 697 at Philmont
Old Glory ascending Old Glory ascending
The flagpole at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial is 120 feet 3 inches tall; the flag is sized to match.
Like Master, Like Cat Like Master, Like Cat
Photo 4/29/06 by Zach Collins
Ben Nevis Ben Nevis
Our valiant crew ascends
Glastonbury Tor Glastonbury Tor
Which way to Camelot?
To make an omelet, first . . . To make an omelet, first . . .
Easter Egg Hunt

wayside cross

Penultimate query

Category VII: Wilderstead

Any of these turn anybody on? Anything here worthy of hanging on a wall?

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Gate of Summer Gate of Summer
Somebody's at home Somebody's at home
New Year's Day New Year's Day
The road goes ever on and on The road goes ever on and on
Bridge of Dreams Bridge of Dreams
The Road to Elfland The Road to Elfland
The Edge of the Wild The Edge of the Wild
A tree overhangs the path up the holler like a gate.