June 26th, 2008


Follow the leader

Saw this family group at camp today. They seemed unflustered by me stopping to take pictures from my car.

Doe and two fawns
Ransburg Scout Reservation
Doe and two fawns

lindisfarne gospels

Rubbernecking at my neighbor's fire

According to various reports, the GAFCON meeting of traditional Anglicans in Jerusalem will avoid outright schism and instead seek to create "a church within the church."

I was immediately reminded of the push by Puritans under Elizabeth I to do the same thing. The difference, I think, is that Rowan Williams is no Archbishop Whitgift; thus, I don't see the official leadership of the Anglican Communion as able to isolate and/or reconcile the dissidents.

Of course, that doesn't mean that the blueprint for "a church within the church" will actually succeed. Far more likely would be the eventual departure of the traditionalists -- not driven out like the Puritans, but leaving on their own initiative because they've decided the leaky old ship isn't worth saving. Either way, it's a loss for us all, I think.

Cuthbert, Wilfrid, Theodore, and Paulinus -- not to mention Richard of Chichester, Thomas Cranmer, and a host of others -- must be turning over in their graves. I wonder if an appeal to the Queen as Supreme Governor of the Church of England would have any effect. She could sack Williams and name somebody better.
wile e.

Your assistance is desired

Two or three folks IRL have been complimenting me on my pictures and encouraging me to make some prints. So I'm thinking of making some 8x10s and offering them at the UMW bazaar this fall. But I'm not sure which pix really move people, so I've selected what I think are my best posted pix, and I'd like you to help me winnow them down to a reasonable number.

Category I: Sky Pictures. Please identify your favorite(s). Thank you.

Click on a pic to enlarge.

A Sign of Hope A Sign of Hope
Double Rainbow over Tanner Valley UMC.
Atlantic Sunset Atlantic Sunset
First Landing State Park, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Sunset over Lake Tanganyika Sunset over Lake Tanganyika
We didn't catch anything, but the trip was well worth it.
Twilight at Mikumi NP, Tanzania 2001 Twilight at Mikumi NP, Tanzania 2001
Moonrise over Wind River Canyon, WY 2003 Moonrise over Wind River Canyon, WY 2003
Sunset over Tooth of Time Sunset over Tooth of Time
Early morning Early morning
The sun climbs up over Woods Ridge
O, ye'll take the high road O, ye'll take the high road
Sunset over Loch Lomond, Ben Lomond in the distance