June 22nd, 2008

sin happens

God is doing a very groovy thing

We set up for Vacation Bible School tonight. We haven't had one in a couple of years. Fact of the matter is, we've struggled. Not many kids around here. So that's one of my top priorities. We have a new Education Chair, who's never been in leadership before, but she's got three young children -- and the house that the whole neighborhood plays at. We've thrown our hat over the fence, and adults are coming out of the woodwork to help. It's going to be great!

Meanwhile, my job was to lead the drama team for the nightly Scripture Story. Two junior high boys swore to me that they were dying to do this. Neither was here tonight (for various reasons). But one of our new Boy Scouts -- Marshall, the kid who did a 20-miler for his first hike -- also wanted to help. I wasn't expecting him tonight, because his family went to King's Island this weekend, and they are more-or-less unchurched, so I was looking for him tomorrow night.

But then, he was there when I showed up, ready to do whatever was asked of him. He is a truly neat kid. And he's hungry for God, even if he doesn't really know that now. So he and I are leading off the VBS with the story of Gideon tomorrow night. I think he'll bring down the house. Also by that time, Matthew and Jordan should find themselves and get here to help with the rest of the week.

Anyway, I'm pumped. I think some things are going to go very, very right this week. In fact, I think some things are going pretty right in the church right now, despite some struggles. I think the faithful are finding a way forward. I'm excited about being here.