May 26th, 2008


Live from York!

Just a quick post to tell everyone I'm alive and kicking. Internet cafes in the North of England are scarcer than Scots underwear. But I'm sitting here in the Evil Eye Lounge in York City Centre.

Friday, I landed in Glasgow and made my way South to Branthwaite Scout Camp. Met a grand bunch of Scouts and Guides, who made me feel very welcome. Saturday, I was up betimes and made my assault on Scafell Pike. I summitted in three and a half hours, was back in the parking area in less than six total. Woohoo! for me.

Finally found the Roman fort at Hard Knott Pass. Wow. Yesterday, I visited Vindolanda and other sites on Hadrian's Wall. Double Wow. Today, I'm poking about York on foot, then will head up to Durham to say hello to St. Cuthbert.

My love and prayers linger over you all.