May 15th, 2008

round tuit

Rain, rain, go away

Well, the day of chores at Wilderstead mostly got rained out. Bummer. Still, it was good to get out of town and relax in the woods for a bit.

On the yet-more-plus side, I did get to visit with that_guy_zach and Fräulein Führerin. Zach's going to Turkey this summer, and FF's working Logistics at Philmont. We ate at the new Greek place in L'burg.

While there, Julia and her two boys Joe and Jon came in. We chatted a bit. Joe and Jon were both Cub Scouts of mine. They weren't parishioners, though Julia's parents were. I did her Dad's funeral; her husband died about the same time. I haven't seen them in a couple of years. Joe is 13 and Jon is 11. As we were leaving, both kids planted themselves in front of me and reached for a hug. I was astounded and pleased; it is a wonderful and humbling thing to be so loved.

We also saw a ghost from the past, though I don't think she recognized me. stryck's old friend from high school, Suzanna, was with some guy. (Don't know who he was.) They came in, ate, and left, in a rapid, mechanical fashion.

I've got so much to do out in the holler when I get back from Great Britain. Oy.