May 2nd, 2008

compass rose

Finding Your Way

I had to come up with a game of some sort for my session on map and compass tomorrow. I figured if I had them do something really interactive, I'd blow most of my actual teaching time -- of which I have been allotted all too little for the purpose of preparing them to teach this stuff. So, I wrote 'em a quiz.

Problem No. 1: From a given point on the map, you walk one mile due North, then turn East and walk one mile, then turn South and walk one mile. Your companion says, "Hey, we're exactly where we started from!" Where are you?

Problem No. 2: You are standing at an intersection of county roads. One says, 1050 N, and the other, 325 E. You are heading for where CR 200 W meets Baseline Rd. Assuming a perfectly rectangular grid of roads, and further assuming that you will walk only on the road, how far do you have to walk?

Problem No. 3: You are out in the wilds of Philmont Scout Ranch. You've been told that "declination" out here is approximately 10 degrees. You have just taken a bearing on Baldy Mountain, and your compass reads 250 degrees. In order to transfer that to your map and determine your actual position, what do you need to adjust your compass to read for the true bearing?

Answer to Problem No. 1

Answer to Problem No. 2

Answer to Problem No. 3

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