May 1st, 2008


Actions have consequences

Mark Steyn writes,
Imagine if Colin Powell, the genuinely post-racial man Obama merely claims to be, had run in 1996. Would the campaign have dwindled down to Aids conspiracy theories and the genetic predisposition of clapping rhythms? No. Because that's not where Colin Powell lives. There are no Jeremiah Wrights in his life. This problem is of Obama's making, and it's killing him.

Indeed; Obama's current troubles are directly related to how he launched his public career.

Why did he join Trinity UCC, headed by Rev. Wright, all those years ago? Because he wanted to be a "community organizer," a person who helped, who led, and who fit in with, other African-Americans -- even though he is not a conventional African-American himself. In other words, his association with TUCC and Wright provided him with the necessary Black bona fides to be accepted as a leader of the Black community.

Colin Powell joined the Army as the foundation of his adult identity. Without ceasing to be Black, he became much more. He became capable of leading black and white and red and brown and yellow, and in doing so making them more than their colors. Jeremiah Wright reduces everyone to their colors and says you can never be more, or at least other, than that. Obama wants to transcend that ideology (he says), but without utterly repudiating Wright and Trinity and starting over, he can't. No matter what he says.
compass rose

Saturday's lesson

I will be teaching two sessions for this weekend's Outdoor Leader Training at Maumee Scout Reservation: Basics of Hiking and Packing; Map and Compass. One of the things I have to train the leaders to do is to teach their Scouts how to find directions without map or compass.

Which led me down Memory Lane to Tumbleweeds and Limpid Lizard. In this comic strip © 1969 and 1972, good ol' LL (not quite the doofus he has since become) has resigned from the Poohawk Tribe and is attempting to secure employment as a guide from Tumbleweeds, who is lost in the desert.

Could be any number of exchanges I've witnessed along the trail with my fellow Scouts, Venturers and Leaders, y'know?

Boy Scout Leader Outdoor Training
Boy Scout Leader Outdoor Training
Thanks, T.K. Ryan