April 7th, 2008


Multicultural, no less

Today is the 75th Anniversary of the end of Prohibition. So, for today's poem, I thought this would be appropriate.

The Beer Barrel Polka

There's a garden, what a garden,
Only happy faces bloom there,
And there's never any room there,
For a worry or a gloom there
Oh there's music and there's dancing,
And a lot of sweet romancing
When they play the polka
They all get in the swing

Every time they hear that oom-pa-pa,
Everybody feels so tra-la-la
They want to throw their cares away,
They all go lah-de-ah-de-ay
Then they hear a rumble on the floor, the floor,
It's the big surprise they're waiting for
And all the couples form a ring,
For miles around you'll hear them sing...

Roll out the barrel, we'll have a barrel of fun
Roll out the barrel, we've got the blues on the run
Zing boom tararrel, ring out a song of good cheer
Now's the time to roll the barrel, for the gang's all here
-- Original Czechoslovakian Lyrics by Wladimir A. Timm and Vasek Zeman; English Lyrics by Lew Brown
no trespassing

No rest for the weary

The rest of this week being very busy and with rain coming, I decided Sunday night to scoot over to Wilderstead to do some serious work today. I had a delightful evening in my cabin, as usual, and got up to a chilly but clear day this morning just before 8:00. I was hard at it by 9:00.

Some joker had dumped a huge amount of junk on the hillside above my cabin, where it resided amongst serious thornbushes. Somebody apparently cleaned out a trailer or shack and the last load just went over my fence. This was in addition to the accumulation of beer bottles, old tires, and God knows what-all. It took me three hours to get the most of it cleaned up. I loaded my truck full of trash and went looking for somewhere legal to dump it in Rising Sun. After returning to the holler, I spent another hour loading my truck with old tires and junk, which I brought back home to get rid of.

I'm pooped. As well as scratched up.

But it was a nice day to be working outside. Truly lovely.

Tomorrow, I've got my annual physical, plus I just found out I have a parishioner's baby in Riley Hospital, Indianapolis -- and Sassy needs to go to the vet and get some more medicine. So it's a good thing I've got my chores done for this week.