March 13th, 2008

by himself

A good day, all around

Es war heute ein schöner Tag. Der Frühling ist fast herbei!

So beautiful was the day, in fact, that it was hard to keep my head down and my mind upon work. By early afternoon, I couldn't stand it any more and took off for a drive up to Cataract to check out one of the iffier features of Saturday's hike. And a good thing I did, too, since I discovered that the abandoned railway bed we were going to hike over in one stretch has long since disappeared.

After that, I did my duty and called on a shut-in old lady. When I got back from that, behold! collinsmom was home.

It was still beautiful this evening, and I was hankering to go out some more, so I went to get a new alarm clock (with snooze button) for ða wif. While I was at it, I asked the Geek Squad in residence to fix the LCD on my cellphone, which decided not to work anymore after dropping the thing. (Imagine.)

His Geekness got it working again, but said there was some significant corrosion on the contact points, like I'd gotten the phone wet some time. (Must have been in May two years ago, when I went into the creek while canoeing with the youth group.) So it works for now, but may quit at any time. Fair enough. When it does, I'll get a new phone, but for now, I can tell again what buttons I'm pushing.

Also, while I was out, I stopped in at Barnes & Noble. Got a highway map of Great Britain to help plan out my trip in May. I also discovered that Gene Wolfe has a new Latro novel, Soldier of Sidon. 'Tis mine, now. *chortle, snicker, gloat*