March 2nd, 2008

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Semi-Lost Weekend

Friday evening, I was totally exhausted and then came the chills. And the fever. I went to bed at 8:30 p.m., trying to gather enough strength to do my Lay Speakers class on Saturday.

Well, I got up and loaded myself with acetominephin and did the class, but I was sinking slowly in the sunset by 2:00 p.m. I came home and spent the next four hours dozing on the couch. I learned that the Discovery channel makes a very undemanding accompaniment on TV to resting.

Got my sermon done and went to bed early last night. By this morning, the fever was all gone, but I was pretty weak. Sort of hollowed-out, as you might say. I played the organ a bit before people started arriving at church, as I often do to "get into" the day. Just a few minutes of playing that big ol' beast, and I broke a sweat.

Well, anyway, I got through the morning and came home to hit the couch again. No fever, still, so that's good. I'm still kind of light-headed and weak, but I have hopes of being OK by tomorrow.

I'd better be. Got a week crammed full with a funeral, meetings on top of meetings, cooking for a District Dinner, taking lunch to a Habitat build . . . collinsmom is worried now that she might be getting what I had. I hope not.
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Friday, I was nosing around Cataract State Recreation Area, trying to lay out a hike. I hadn't been to Cataract in close to twenty years. It's at the northern edge of Owen County (where I grew up), but technically speaking it ain't close to anyplace.

There are two sets of cataracts, an upper and a lower. The upper is the steeper fall, and in days gone by a millrace (now dry) was constructed along the shore. There is also a neat old covered bridge (though the highway now goes around it and all it's for is walking across and taking pictures of).

The stonework in the picture below shows the wall of the millrace and an opening which probably was used for the waterwheel axle once upon a time. There is no other trace of a mill here, but the water is still known as Mill Creek. A few miles downstream, there is a dam, and Cagles Mill Lake backs up almost to the Lower Cataract. So, I'm guessing that Cagle was the guy what owned the mill which gave the creek its name.

Cataract SRA Cataract SRA
Remains of millrace

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