February 29th, 2008

roadkill soup

The fun just never stops

Coming back from a meeting in the boonies last night, my faithful car, Miranda, died by the side of the road. We called a tow truck and brought her into E'ville.

This morning, I drove the truck over to the car place and made arrangements for Miranda to be seen to. I'm guessing/hoping that it's something simple, like a serpentine belt.

In the meantime, I could put off tax stuff no longer for collinsmom's FAFSA. She didn't need final figures, though, so I sat down a little bit ago and whipped out a WAG that'll do for now.

And now, maybe I can have some of my day off back.

UPDATE: I finally drove off to wander around Cataract and Cunot (the very back of beyond, in wildest Owen County), scoping out a future ten-mile hike. I got called on my cell phone. collinsmom needed me back. When I returned, I had the following to deal with.

1) Miranda's timing belt had broken. So, that's a minimum of $1200 to fix. Ouch.

2) The FAFSA form was asking for numbers collinsmom didn't know how to supply. So I helped her with that.

3) The fellow I mentioned on Wednesday as rapidly declining died today.