February 25th, 2008

wayside cross

Parts is parts

Well, I finally got hold of a company that would sell me the replacement part I need for my propane space heater. The tab comes to sixty-five bucks PLUS shipping. Geez Looeeze. I don't think I paid but eighty bucks or so for the whole shootin' match three years ago. Ouch.

(And it'll probably get here about the time warm weather arrives, so I won't have to use it till next fall.)

I got to thinking how long we've had our holler, and by my best reckoning we closed the deal about the end of January or early February of 2003 -- five years ago. The earliest pictures we had of it were taken on our old Sony videocam as still shots. I used that for pix up until our backpacking trip to Yellowstone in July, 2003. I also remember a Venturers' hike that stopped in the woods on an April day, and considering that Corey R. was along, that would have been before Yellowstone, too.

The cabin shell was built in 2004, I think. At least, I have pix of a Venturing overnight from January 2005 in said cabin.