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The Daily Mustard
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Monday, February 18th, 2008

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Nap time?
234 lb. This has got to stop. I don't think it's a matter of eating the wrong foods, but my total intake is too much.

It's an old backpacking/youth trip trick, to trade food for sleep. When you're going on too little sleep, you can stay awake and functional by gorging -- and the weight doesn't show up, because you're body is taking everything you give it and using it to function.

But you can't keep it up forever. Eventually, eating because you're tired means you're eating too much. The obvious cure for that isn't denying yourself food, it's creating room in your schedule for more rest.
Thou hast conquered, O pale Bureaucrat
We've been having a little e-mail discussion amongst the NAUMS Board (National Association of United Methodist Scouters). I attached some things I wrote for training purposes back in '95-'96, when I was Annual Conference Coordinator of CYSA/Scouting Ministries.

I said that what I wrote back then held up pretty well. In fact, the most dated thing about the material was the obvious enthusiasm and sense that we were going to accomplish great things I was possessed of back then. Then I gave an electronic sigh and added, "We declared war on mediocrity, and mediocrity won."

I hate feeling this way.

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