February 9th, 2008


Valuing what's important

Phred e-mailed me late last night. An old friend from seminary days that I haven't seen in almost 30 years was stopping by his place for the weekend. Her hubby was also along; I had never met him before. They were all three planning on going to the Dana Fire Dept. Chili Cookoff tonight, so I saddled up and went to meet them there.

I thought about it a long time before deciding to go. It's nearly two hours each way, and I had a tremendous amount of stuff to get done today. Plus, I'm still not really rested up for any big trips. But, doggone it, I gripe all the time about not having enough friends, and here was somebody I should want to go see. So I got my stuff done and left in good enough time to get 'er done. I'm glad I went.