February 3rd, 2008

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"Chuck, why don't you grab hold of the horns of the altar and ring the bell for us!"*

It was a magnificent celebration of Boy Scout Sunday at EFUMC today. Many Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and their families participated. In addition, many people beyond the usual were involved in the service.

1) Jordan, our Chaplain's Aide, was liturgist.
2) Mitch, who was in my confirmation class last year, offered the prayers.
3) Cub Scout Marshall played the offertory (and a wow it was) on piano.
4) Kevin led the congregation in singing On My Honor as the benediction response.
5) Matthew, in my current confirmation class, helped serve communion.
6) We introduced Dean as our new Scoutmaster, then honored retiring SM Lloyd with the God and Service Award (major big deal -- and a total surprise to him).
7) Handed out this year's patch from P.R.A.Y. to all the Scouts and Scouters, as we counted this as promoting the religious emblems of the God and Country series.
8) Scouts and Scouters acted as greeters, ushers, and acolytes.
9) The usual fellowship time's doughnuts were supplemented by the sausage and cheese of a traditional Scout crackerbarrel -- and I had other Scouts making s'mores, which were a BIG hit.
10) And on top of this, there were the usual gang of worshipers and leaders doing what we always do: singing great hymns, playing up a storm on the organ, singing anthems, preaching/teaching, celebrating communion. I think God was very pleased with our offering of worship.

S'more than meets the eye S'more than meets the eye
Fellowship time, Scout Sunday 2008
God and Service Award God and Service Award
Scoutmaster Lloyd was presented the highest award we could nominate him for, Scout Sunday 2008

*The title of this piece requires some clarification. Back when newly-retired Professor Charles Killian of Asbury Theological Seminary was a student, his advisor -- the legendary Evangelism professor, Robert Coleman -- only kept office hours at his 6:00 a.m. office prayer meeting. So, one morning, Killian dragged himself off to the fervent gathering in order to claim some of Dr. Coleman's attention afterwards, whereupon he was immediately called upon to lead the group in prayer through the enthusiastic invitation given in quotes, above.
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"Roll your dice and move your mice."*

It has been over twelve years, I guess, since I last played AD&D. Fifteen or so since I last had something published in Dragon magazine. At least twenty years since I played the game regularly. So, why do I find myself inventing campaign worlds, and putting all kinds of effort into them?

I think it's a form of relaxation. I have always created worlds, story backgrounds, invented places. Using the AD&D formula means I don't have to concern myself as much with the mechanics of things. It's like a processing program that allows the creative juices to flow. Creating both stimulates and rests my mind. It gives me an escape from daily pressures and an outlet for things that my RL work doesn't give me much room for.

Do I expect to ever have someone play in these worlds? Probably not. It would be nice, but it's been a looong time since I had a group of friends to play with -- or the energy to get together and do so. stryck keeps talking about creating an on-line website where we could play games. That might be nice. She remembers me as a DM; I think she and some other old-timers might like to play a game of my making.

But, really? Just a harmless daydream, more like.

* Old saying that arose from a wargame-playing group I was in nearly thirty years ago (c. 1979). It quickly spread to other games and groups I was associated with. Lots of my family and friends probably say it when they play, without knowing its origin.