January 28th, 2008

pirate ship

Hard-a-lee! Watch yer luff! and other salty expressions

First day with new secretary went well. Learning curve is steep, but I think things will work out.

Had a nice lunch at The Irish Lion with my friend Beth Ann, who was up from Evansville to attend a meeting at the Conference office. We talked personal situations, church politics, general stuff.

Then I had to hustle out to the Council office to talk with my departing District Executive over the Annual District Dinner, which I found I am in charge of.

Brought some chicken home for supper. collinsmom has been so banged up from her RA today that she hasn't come downstairs. Bad juju there.

Now, I'm all dressed up in uniform for the Troop meeting tonight. Gotta finalize details for Boy Scout Sunday coming up in a few days.