January 18th, 2008

camp cook

What's cookin'

Another stress-filled week is drawing to a close. I'm going camping tonight with the Boy Scouts at the Winter Rendezvous. So, thrills and chills. Tomorrow, while the boys and an Asst. SM are out on the Klondike Derby trail, I will be entering the adult division of the annual cookoff. I will be making my famous Saarländer Eintopf in a Dutch oven. (Recipe below)

I was going to spend two nights in the woods and skip church on Sunday. But then my sub had to go out of town for a funeral. While I was still trying to figure out where I was going to get someone to preach, the Asst. SM informed me that he wanted to come back in Saturday night and not spend a second night on the ground. So I figured I might as well preach this Sunday and take another Sunday off in February.

I'm preaching a series on the Means of Grace (sacraments and other ways in which God meets our needs). Sunday, I'm preaching on marriage and family as a means of grace.

collinsmom is heading over to Mole Hill, IN, to see our son, siege. He is in general disarray right now. We want to help, but we also want to avoid rescuing him, because rescuing him means we assume responsibility for things that he really needs to keep responsibility for. And we can't afford to just throw money at him.

Well, gotta hit the shower and make something out of this day.

Saarländer Eintopf (low-carb version by Yours Truly)

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