January 8th, 2008


After New Hampshire

Thought #1: Obama vs. Hillary
Obama is like chemotherapy. You worry about the cure being worse than the disease, but you know that you've got to kill that cancer.

Thought #2: Obama vs. the GOP
Obama is a gazelle. You aren't going to catch him trying to outrun him. You've got to wear him down and pass him at the end.

Obama is charismatic, but nine months is a long time to inspire others. Obama is also very light on experience, so he's likely to have a gaffe or two; be prepared to capitalize on these. AND, the actual principles and policies that Obama is for, and is articulate about, are all the same ol', same ol' the Dems have been peddling for decades.

If I were the GOP candidate facing Obama, I'd run an ad mocking product makeovers. New and Improved! says the box. But, wait: Obama's for X -- that's been a Democrat staple since Jimmy Carter. Obama's for Y -- we last heard that from Mike Dukakis. Obama's for Z -- that didn't sell, either. So what's "New and Improved?" Just the package. Etc.