December 29th, 2007


Poop: the physiological constant

Everything poops. Especially dogs. Dogs are creatures of habit, whose training is ignored at the owner's peril. They want to eat, exercise, and poop at more or less the same times every day. When their regular feeder/walker/pooper-scooper is not available, they still want to eat, exercise, and poop on schedule. Unlike cats, they do not have a litter box inside. It is therefore of vital importance that their temporary feeder/walker/pooper-scooper keep to the schedule.

Thank you. That is all.

Honor is due

Our Council newsletter arrived today. It has an article on past recipients of the Venturing Silver and Ranger Awards. They are making up for not having really given proper recognition in the past.

Since Venturing was launched in 1998, there have been only six Silver Award recipients in our Council. Four of those Silvers were from Crew 699, and one started her Venturing career with 699 before transferring over to another Crew.

In that same time, there have been only three Ranger Award recipients in our Council. Two of them were from Crew 699.

Yay for us! Venture Crew 699: Rougher, Tougher, Buffer!